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More places

I am moving to blogspot for anything that's not strictly personal. For my political, technical, and world commentary, see me at http://ianargent.blogspot.com. Hope to see you there

  • Short update - I aten't ded

    Though I was a terrible threat to some innocent pieces of paper; and may end up the week with another boomstick. Today's total was not quite 200…

  • Fun & Freedom

    I had today off; and I haven't gotten to the range in a while. It's still not a good idea to go down to the range in Lakewood ( Shore Shot) due to…

  • The well-armed cute

    Presenting the Mark 1, improvised, field expedient, puppy tent. Type 1 ea., portable. (via SaysUncle, whose own wording is apt as well)

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