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Fun & Freedom

I had today off; and I haven't gotten to the range in a while. It's still not a good idea to go down to the range in Lakewood (Shore Shot) due to the summer traffic; so I went out to the Bullet Hole in Belleville.

I left 350 rounds or so in their backstop and brought a big old grin back home with me. While my marksmanship could use some work, I hit near to my point of aim each time. I gotta scan in and submit my e-postal target now.

And I need to get a self-loading airsoft. Despite saying to myself "I don't need to cock this each time", I loaded up, racked the slide, pulled the trigger, and racked the slide again. Whoops. After that I settled down. I blame the springfired airsoft I picked up. It's a fun toy, nice to be able to plink in the basement safely and legally; but bad muscle memory to develop.

Shockingly enough, I was in a smallish store - wall to wall guns everywhere; and people shooting their own guns(!); and no-one was hurt. Not one gun went off by itself, and no-one was influenced by the inanimate objects to commit a crime. (Well, I can't say that entirely - in NJ there are so many different ways to screw up and inadvertently commit a victimless crime of circumstance with a firearm... The default assumption is, after all, that posession of a firearm is a felony, and only if you fall into one of the exceptions is it graciously allowed. Some freedom).
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